Thank you!

Greater Bridgeport Mutual Aid has closed down its hotline, neighbor-neighbor aid, and grant donations. We wanted to take a moment to celebrate everything our community has accomplished in the past year. About $7,000 was shared through neighbor-to-neighbor aid, and GBMA distributed roughly $33,000 through direct grants to cover bills and groceries, as well as completing over 100 grocery deliveries. Our live hotline was active for at least five days a week, providing referrals and vital information to neighbors. Through our mutual aid work, we fostered community, provided a sense of positive participation during the lockdown, and deepened relationships among community organizations. At a time when many institutions fell short, GBMA demonstrated the power of neighbors to help each other. Greater Bridgeport Mutual Aid will continue on our Facebook group.

Some other organizations that can help with common issues that GBMA helped with in the past:

Call 311 for emergency food, emergency shelter, and other urgent needs.

Call Family & Support Services at 312-743-0300 for housing assistance.

Call Lawyers’ Committee for Better Housing at 312-347-7600 for free legal assistance for renters.

This is the website of Greater Bridgeport Mutual Aid. We are a collection of neighbors that help our neighbors through the COVID-19 crisis.